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Welcome to our media portal. This page is home to news and events related to the Foundation and the project, as well as photos from the field. View our Gallery to see a selection of images, as we will be adding more along with video of the park and the site. When our research team returns to the field this page will also give you periodic updates of our work through our Notes from the Field. This page will have frequent updates; the links below give a sense of our work and a sampling of who's talking about us.

May-June 2008

"Woman Power in the Maya World" - by Chris Hardman, n Americas Magazine, the Magazine of the Organization of American States, May-June 2008.     [no link currently available]

March 12, 2007

"Hector Escobedo talks about the Tombs of El Perú-Waka'" - by staff
News from Universidad Franscisco Marroquin, 12 March, 2007
[no link currently available]

May 4, 2006

"Ancient Maya Royal Tomb Discovered in Guatemala" - by J. Roach
National Geographic News, 4 May 2006
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May 5, 2006

"New Royal Tomb at El Perú" - by J. Skidmore.
Mesoweb - 05 May 2006
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June 14, 2005

"Maya Tomb Tells Tale of Two Women, Elite but Doomed." - by J. Noble Wilford.
The New York Times - 14 June 2005
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June 19, 2005

"Danger in the Ruins" - K. Clark
U.S. News and World Report - 19 June 2005
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January 2005

"Archaeologist Digs the Past, Preserves the Present in Guatemala" - by staff
SMU Research News - 2005 (v. 12)
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January 2, 2005

Top 100 Discoveries of 2004: "60: Royal Tomb Reveals Secret of the Maya" - Z. Zorich
Discover Magazine - 02 January 2005
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May, 5 2004

"Maya Queen's Tomb Found at El Perú" - by J. Skidmore
Mesoweb - 05 May 2004
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May, 11 2004

"In Guatemalan Jungles, a Bumper Crop of Maya Treasure." - by J. Noble Wilford
The New York Times - 11 May 2004
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Feb-March 2003

"A Puzzle in the Peten," an Interactive Dig during the first field season of the Waka Project, 2003 - by various
Archaeology Magazine - Feb-Mar, 2003
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May 28, 2007

National Public Radio - "Tomb Raiders Threaten Mayan City's History." - by J. Burnett
On Radio Expeditions, 28 May 2007

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The Archaeology Channel - "K'ante'el - Precious Forest" by P. Hofstetter and D. Bright
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